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Embroidery, screen printing

To Get Started:

  1. Pick your garments from our online CATALOG. Get the style # of the item you want to order.

  2. Email as many of these details as you can to Positive Threads:  Your artwork or ideas, the style # of the item(s) you wish to embroider, the color of the garments, how many pieces you want to order, the sizes you want to order(if applicable) and if you want flat or 3D embroidery.

  3. Call us and speak to a live person 7 days a week. 10am-6pm MST. 303-598-3371

  4. Receive your free quote.


  • Digitizing fees range from $30-$100 per image, depending on the size and complexity of the artwork.

  • Pricing is always custom due to all of the different factors when ordering: types of garments, complexity of artwork, size of the image, # of imprint locations, quantity of pieces being ordered.

  • Pricing for embroidery orders depends on the size the image, complexity, placement of the image. Send your artwork to for a quote request and we can get back to you with an exact quote. Please include as many of these details as you can: Your artwork, the # of pieces you want to order, the product or style # of the item (found in our catalog)

Ordering Details:

  • Minimum embroidery orders range between 12-24 pieces depending on the garment and size of the image. 

  • Order Turnaround times for embroidery are roughly 7-10 business days after artwork approval. 

  • Digitizing charges are a one time fee for that design in that size. All images must be converted into a digitized file for our embroidery machine to read where to place the stitches. Once the image has been converted you can then put that logo onto an assortment of garments in that size. When you would like to re-order the next time it’s already paid for and ready to go.

What is Embroidery?

Embroidery is the process of stitching text and or logos via threads onto the garments directed by a digitized version of the image. A digitized file is needed to direct the embroidery machine where to place the stitches. Therefore, we must first create a digitized version of your image. Digitizing fees depend on the size of the image. If you only wish to use text (standard fonts) no digitizing will be needed. Embroidery is a great alternative to screen printing. There is a lot less set up involved with embroidery making it  a cost effective solution for smaller orders and unlike screen printing the number of colors or threads used does not necessarily increase the price. Embroidery is a great option for that professional look on polos shirts, sport shirts, jackets, tote bags, hats, beanies, and more. 

Logo before digitizing
Logo after digitizing
Final Product
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